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How the Arts build a sense of community

York Scene Blogger Mia Herrera

By: Mia Herrera

Early in March I attended the launch  for Farzana Doctor’s new book, Six Meters of Pavement. Hosted by the Toronto-based This is Not a Reading Series  the launch offered a night of good conversation, storytelling and music at the Gladstone Hotel.

Though I’m usually a bit shy, with the book launch packed to standing room only, I grabbed a table with a few members of the Brockton Writers Series. The Brockton Writers Series, founded by Farzana Doctor and Sharanpal Ruprai, has gained incredible success as a series for established and emergent writers. I was eager to learn about the series firsthand, and my tablemates explained more about the group’s foundation and relevance to local writers. The conversation eventually evolved into a discussion about the importance of writing groups, spaces and councils – a conversation that soon included a discussion about the York Region Arts Council.

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