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2,500 Year Old Buddha Teachings in our Own Backyard

Lesley Ann Marcovich

By: Lesley Ann Marcovich

It is Vipassana and it means ‘To see things as they really are’.

I signed up, bought a comfy little meditation cushion, waved goodbye to my husband and entered the gates of this beautiful one hundred and forty acre compound just south of Barrie. Once inside you’re there for ten days – no leaving, it’s not allowed, really.

No eye contact was permitted, no talking, no writing, no reading, nothing but meditation sunrise till sunset. I shared a cabin; my roommate and I slept three feet apart, we passed each other through the door, never looking at each other, never disturbing ‘the work’.  Wholesome vegan meals were served. We ate, sometimes six to a table, silent, alone in our heads. But ‘silence’ was the easiest part of the course.

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