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Fundraising!  The word alone stresses me out. It reeks of ‘commitment’ ‘soliciting’ ‘organization’ ‘rejection’.  But I believe in fundraising. I want to give; I really do. I have a cause that I care deeply about, Doane House Hospice, and I’m also looking for a needy cat shelter to donate to at the moment.

Back to the question of fundraising… My theory is:  when a task seems too big to tackle, break it down into small steps and take one at a time.

It began a couple of weeks ago when my husband and I were invited to friends of ours for drinks. Actually it was for a game of euchre, but that never got off the ground. There were eight of us there.  I decided to make a loaf of bread that afternoon, a huge twisted loaf, which turned out ‘glossy magazine’ perfect. (That’s not always the case). I arrived at our friend’s house with the loaf beautifully wrapped in cellophane with a poster that read: “Draw – 1 ticket for $3 or 2 tickets for $5”.

 I made $31 from 6 people that night (someone threw in an extra loonie) which I proudly handed over to Doane House first thing Monday morning.

So now my mind’s reeling. I’ve got my annual girl’s party coming up next month and yes, you guessed it, I’m making a loaf of bread, I’m making some of my signature spicy beans which I’ll present in a cool dollar store dish, I’ll package some of my husband’s phenomenal curry nuts, and I’ll scrounge up lots of other interesting stuff. And it’ll be a win-win for all: the prize winners will be smiling, Doane House too, and I’ll be happy knowing that it sometimes only takes small steps to help giant causes.

Every time you gather people together for a workshop, a party, a barbeque, remember to seize the moment to fundraise. Simply tap into your talents: Are you a gardener? Divvy up your plants and raffle them in a nice pot. Do you cook? Have a draw for your wares like I did for the bread. Are you an artist? People love having something created by an artist they’ve met in person. Get resourceful. Break the ice. Have a blast.

I kinda like the word ‘fundraising’ now; I think of it more like ‘fun-raising’!


2,500 Year Old Buddha Teachings in our Own Backyard

Lesley Ann Marcovich

By: Lesley Ann Marcovich

It is Vipassana and it means ‘To see things as they really are’.

I signed up, bought a comfy little meditation cushion, waved goodbye to my husband and entered the gates of this beautiful one hundred and forty acre compound just south of Barrie. Once inside you’re there for ten days – no leaving, it’s not allowed, really.

No eye contact was permitted, no talking, no writing, no reading, nothing but meditation sunrise till sunset. I shared a cabin; my roommate and I slept three feet apart, we passed each other through the door, never looking at each other, never disturbing ‘the work’.  Wholesome vegan meals were served. We ate, sometimes six to a table, silent, alone in our heads. But ‘silence’ was the easiest part of the course.

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The Relationship Design – An Art in Progress!

Lesley Ann Marcovich

By: Lesley Ann Marcovich

“Will you be my valentine?” Or, “Will you be my partner in designing a magnificent union that is creative, productive, awe-inspiring, and that will stand the test of time?” Sounds like a tall order, but in essence, that’s what a relationship, especially an intimate one, requires.

Like anything built to withstand traffic, climate, and erosion, the relationship needs constant inspection, maintenance, and sometimes, when things get rickety or tired, a renovation … and sometimes, when things literally crumble to the ground, a complete restoration.

Respect is the mortar that keeps the foundation solid and immovable; respect for each other’s culture, sex, roots, ambitions, dreams, and life’s journey.

Memories and experiences make up the walls which are not always straight or perfect. Some are solid, some flimsy, some temporary, some immovable. They’re there to define the stages of our shared lives which are forever changing; sometimes working with us, sometimes against.    

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Freedom is a Feeling

Lesley Ann Marcovich

As Black History Month rolls around, I think about my birth place, Kwa Zulu Natal, on the east coast of Africa where Zulus dance and sing songs of hunting, of war, of love, of freedom.

The Zulus, who were, for almost half a century, suppressed under the apartheid system, took their emotions and gave them sound, rhythm and form, which, when united with their brothers and sisters empowered them to work, grieve, celebrate, and pray with a passion that resonated throughout the land.  

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