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John Stephenson is a Graphic Designer for Big Serve Graphx in Aurora.

Putting a price on Art

I was recently having a chat with a fellow artist and we both shared a similar view that most people don’t put much value on art these days.

Two things in particular have contributed the demise and de-valuation of commercial art – the recession and the internet.

The recession has hit many businesses hard with budget cuts and funds for better creative has suffered. The internet, although it has exponentially increased resources and exposure for art and artists alike, has also reduced their value. Because people can go online and download services, they don’t want to pay fair price to a talented, qualified professional right in their own backyard.

The unwillingness to pay fairly for art is wide spread. The market simply is encouraged to demand cheap prices for the same quality of work that was readily paid for years ago. The “I can get it cheaper” thinking has been the norm for a while now and yes, you can get it cheaper. There is always going to be someone willing to give his or her talent away out there but where is the lasting value?

We have bought into the good life for nothing mentality but it seems to be focused on the arts. Creativity and artistic expression is subjective in many ways but if it is to be purchased and marketed then shouldn’t it be valued fairly?

Business and society really needs to start or re-start respecting the arts.

A society that does not respect art and culture is morally bankrupt and is doomed to be an empty machine that cranks out joyless, cogs that leave no legacy. The price society pays is a big one.

We need to re-evaluate the arts in our society because right now the value is too low.


It’s Alive!

Even though I’m a visual artist, my soul is rooted in music.

YorkScene Blogger John Stephenson

As I’ve stated before, I got into the commercial art biz because of my love of music. I was going to design album covers for all the great bands of the world and get just as famous. Alas, that didn’t happen but I never lost my deep appreciation for music and the live performance of it.

Live music really can keep you alive. Remember how you felt after attending your first concert? Mine was the Beach Boys at the old CNE. They were full of fun and loud and I was hooked from then on. Continue reading