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John Ebata is a musician, song writer, arranger, producer, musical director and recording engineer.

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One of the great things about playing music is that one can do it from from age 2 to 92 as the Xmas song says. I recently attended a presentation at Cosmo Music that featured the Tower of Power horn section. This legendary band began 43 years ago complete with the 5-piece horn section. Most top studio musicians have been influenced and played the Tower of Power songs over the many years.
Imagine yourself playing the horn of your choice 43 years from now and the experiences you would have had, playing with the world’s finest musicians, recording CD’s, LP’s? MP3’s ? And at every venue there are multiple generations of families knowing all the lyrics to your songs and the trumpet or sax players in the audience knowing every line because they play in a cover band of you. Then you must be the musician’s musician.
There are numerous autobiographical books about musicians like Keith Richards, Sammy Hagar and Glenn Gould. Whether it is classical or rock n roll or soul rhythm and blues there will always be legendary live musicians. May we all support their live shows and buy their music recordings. If you are reading this you realize how much great arts activity goes on in York Region and if you want more, clear a space in your home, invite a few musicians  plus an audience of your friends and host your own House Concert. And if you do not know musicians, ask me, for their are many great ones who are your neighbours.


Classical Music is Alive with Youthfulness

John Ebata

By: John Ebata

There are times when one is tired and drags themselves out to an event expecting the worst or an average musical performance. Last night started that way as I attended a high school performance at the Toronto Waldorf School called ‘On the Wings of the Arts.’

First the string orchestra performed Haydn’s Symphony #1 in D major. Then they were joined by a small choir ensemble to perform Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria.’ As I sat beside world-renowned tenor John MacMaster , sitting to protect the recording microphone set-up beside us from the crowd, I was thinking this is very unusual to have high tech at the Waldorf School where the thought is for student performances, photography and recording is generally forbidden with the thought being the performances should be remembered in mind not in technology. So I figured something special must be up.

 Onstage there was a real harpsichord, real string orchestra and choir and all enthusiastic students. The music became riveting, movements started and ended, solo sopranos Clarisse Tonigussi and Jenna  Pattison had the audience jaw dropped with amazing vocal technique then violinist Beatrice Hodgkins and cellist Lucas Dawson rode contrapuntal lines against the vocal melodies. As conductor Tony Browning closed off the final chord over an hour had passed in what seemed just minutes and the audience rose to its feet giving a long, looooong standing ovation.

 As a performer of any of the arts, one realizes the ultimate high when performer reaches out with their craft and touches the audience. These young vocal students under the choir direction of Patricia MacMaster and accompanist Catherine Maguire acted as one wing with Mr. Brownings orchestra as the other wing to let the audience hearts soar to the beautiful music. BRAVO.

 What does Haydn’s Symphony sound like? Take a listen here: