From Left to Right: Vito Marchese, Herbert Pryke, John Ebata, John McIntyre, Lesley Marcovich, Mia Herrera, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Sher St. Kitts, John Stephenson, Frank Beecham, Samantha Rodin, Manuele Mizzi.

In the fall of 2010 the York Region Arts Council launched, designed to be the source for all arts, culture, and entertainment news and listings in York Region. However, we also wanted to bring York Region residents stories and conversations from the wealth of artists across the region.

Thanks to these 12 bloggers we were able to accomplish this! Our bloggers come from all artistic disciplines. Learn a little more about our bloggers, their subject areas and interests here, then check out their recent blogs.

Marie-Lynn Hammond is a critically acclaimed songwriter living in York Region.

Manuele Adrian Mizzi is a B.F.A. with Honours in Voice. He currently teaches at Richland Academy.

John Stephenson is a Graphic Designer, for Big Serve Graphx in Aurora.

Lesley Marcovich is a writing coach who helps people write their biographies through workshops.

Sher St. Kitts hosts a blog talk radio show live on Saturdays from 1:30-2:30.

Vito Marchese is the owner of Whiteboard Studio – a creative advertising agency located in Richmond Hill.

Samantha Rodin, holds a BFA in Visual Arts from York University.

John McIntyre is Curator of Sharon Temple National Historic Site.

John Ebata  is a musician, song writer, arranger, producer, musical director and recording engineer.

Mia Herrera  is an author and blogger.

Franklin Beecham is a practicing graphic designer and emerging visual artist.

Herbert Pryke  is  and Artist, Author and Chef. Just wish I could do something with my left brain.


One response to “Bloggers

  1. This is terrific! What a great idea to draw attention to the York Region Arts scene. I have recently started blogging about York Region’s Blue Bridge Festival. The blog explores arts issues, york artists and community engagement. Sorry for the shameless promotion- but I invite you to check it out:

    Thanks for your work!
    -Rebecca Collett

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