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Artists Start Your Engines

As I get older, I find it takes allot longer for me to get excited. What a great opening line; I bet I have your attention now.

It has been a long time since I have organized a solo show of my art. If fact, it was in 2006. Stuff happened that took the front seat and needed to be addressed. I promised myself that once I had recovered my my wake up call called cancer, I would show again. The time has come. I got my ‘all clear’ last fall. So my new years resolution was to create 100 artworks by June. I booked the Mill Pond Gallery in Richmond Hill for the weekend of June 9/10 to secure my commitment.

I used to steal an hour, grab a brush and go at it. My spontaneity has disappeared. Now before I plan my escape, I need to make sure all the house chores are done, commitments are resolved, turn off the computer and unplug the phone. I’m best if I get up at 5:30am, forgo the coffee and straight to the studio. I put on some soft music like York Region artist David Rankine’s ‘Healing Space’ cd and begin to lay out the paint.

If I eat or drink I lose the momentum. I concede to bathroom breaks. A good day is if I can stay in my hole for about 9 hours. Then I’ll come up for air and take a look around. On days like this I can finished half a dozen paintings. I put them away where I can’t look at them and pull out the previous six I did on my previous session. This way I can look at these pieces with new eyes and tweak the little details I missed on round one.

My time between sessions is 5 to 10 days. If you can do math, I think I’m in trouble to reach my 100 by June goal.

I’m looking for other artists suggestions how they get their engines roaring. But to apply to this question, you have to be over 30.


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