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This just in – more silent auction items donated in support of the York Region Arts Council!

By: Jennifer Curtis

With our very first arts & culture conference, Arts Exposed just one week away, we are thrilled with the Silent Auction donations that continue to come in from the community. This week we look at a few more unique pieces that have been added to our Silent Auction list.

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How the Arts build a sense of community

York Scene Blogger Mia Herrera

By: Mia Herrera

Early in March I attended the launch  for Farzana Doctor’s new book, Six Meters of Pavement. Hosted by the Toronto-based This is Not a Reading Series  the launch offered a night of good conversation, storytelling and music at the Gladstone Hotel.

Though I’m usually a bit shy, with the book launch packed to standing room only, I grabbed a table with a few members of the Brockton Writers Series. The Brockton Writers Series, founded by Farzana Doctor and Sharanpal Ruprai, has gained incredible success as a series for established and emergent writers. I was eager to learn about the series firsthand, and my tablemates explained more about the group’s foundation and relevance to local writers. The conversation eventually evolved into a discussion about the importance of writing groups, spaces and councils – a conversation that soon included a discussion about the York Region Arts Council.

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Aurora Festival of the Arts

Sher St. Kitts

By: Sher St. Kitts

What are you doing on the August long weekend? No plans? Love music, festivals and the arts? Wish to stay in York Region….? Well, here’s a date you should mark on your calendar. The Aurora jazz Festival is back for its third year, bigger and better than ever. It’s going to be great!

It all happens in Heritage Town Park in Aurora Music starts Friday July 29th at 6pm with reggae flavour: Caribana North. Food vendors, including flavours from the Caribbean satiate hunger of those grooving to the Continue reading

2,500 Year Old Buddha Teachings in our Own Backyard

Lesley Ann Marcovich

By: Lesley Ann Marcovich

It is Vipassana and it means ‘To see things as they really are’.

I signed up, bought a comfy little meditation cushion, waved goodbye to my husband and entered the gates of this beautiful one hundred and forty acre compound just south of Barrie. Once inside you’re there for ten days – no leaving, it’s not allowed, really.

No eye contact was permitted, no talking, no writing, no reading, nothing but meditation sunrise till sunset. I shared a cabin; my roommate and I slept three feet apart, we passed each other through the door, never looking at each other, never disturbing ‘the work’.  Wholesome vegan meals were served. We ate, sometimes six to a table, silent, alone in our heads. But ‘silence’ was the easiest part of the course.

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A Concert in Your Living Room?

Marie-Lynn Hammond

By Marie-Lynn Hammond

This past Sunday I and two musician friends played a concert, had a fabulous time, and even made a bit of money – all without tickets, posters, hall rental, noisy bar patrons, or big, complicated sound equipment. How’d we manage that?

It’s a House Concert!
Because the show took place in a private home – it’s called a house concert. In the last few years the media have discovered them; I’ve seen articles in major newspapers and heard a radio doc about the phenomenon. But they’ve been around much longer than that. I played my first house concert with my old band, Stringband, in Thunder Bay, around 1981 or 1982.

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The Arts Need You!

Franklin Beecham

By: Franklin Beecham

As a creative individual, I have spent my life dedicated to the arts, namely visual (with a bit of performance in my youth). From life-size murals in high school, to book cover design in college, to brand development and communications collateral in my profession, to abstract paintings in my home studio, I have been influenced by my ever-changing environment whether by travel, trends or choice – and with an open mind.

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Support our local independent filmmakers!

Sher St. Kitts

By: Sher St. Kitts

Alex Broughton is a young man who took time with his friend to film and create a short documentary of the 2010 Aurora Christmas Dream.

He gave us wonderful footage of our 4th Annual Kick Off Party!  We will now be able to use this on-line to promote the party in future and garner more support, awareness and funds for those in need in and around Aurora.  Thanks Alex!

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