Parents are Just Devoted Gardeners

Lesley Ann Marcovich

By: Lesley Ann Marcovich

Did you raise your family to resemble a manicured garden – traditional, with exquisite shrubs and stately fences? Or did you raise your family to resemble a wild garden – left mostly to nature with a mishmash of wildflowers, grasses, weeds, and some open spaces where wildlife can creep in?

 Don’t you sometimes shake your head at this strange group of genetically matched organisms you call your family and say, “This is not going according to plan!”

 There is no right way to raise a family; there is only ‘your’ way. You raise your family based on what you believe you need to teach: integrity, independence, love of earth, street-smarts, ambition, strength, tolerance, patriotism, compassion… You know sometimes when you stamp your foot and yell at a quizzical teen, “Because I say so!”? That’s a belief talking. And who can argue with a belief, a conviction, a truth? Who can argue with who you are? You were germinated from the seed of your parents’ beliefs. (This is an interesting topic which I’ll tackle in a future blog)

 On 21st February 2011 it might be a good time to stop, put down your clippers and bug spray, and simply enjoy your garden.  It may not have turned out exactly how you planned but it is beautiful in its quirkiness, its spirit and its originality. And all of this is a result of ‘your’ way of doing things as a proud and devoted gardener.

"Inner Beauty" Copyright Marianne Broome

 Happy Family Day!



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