The “Ice Fishing Capital of Canada” – In our own backyard!

Kite Surfing between the Ice Fishing Huts on Lake Simcoe

By: Jennifer Curtis

What do you think of when you hear the words “Ice Fishing”? For many people ice fishing  brings to mind a winter pursuit enjoyed by those in cottage country far away from the big city.  I thought the same, until yesterday when I had the chance to learn more about an ice fishing festival in our own backyard: The Great Georgina Ice Fishing Derby.

This derby, considered to be the largest its kind in North America, has the town of Georgina claiming the title, “Ice Fishing Capital of Canada”. The derby makes use of Lake Simcoe to host a remarkable 2 week event, kicking off January 29th and wrapping up this Sunday with cash prizes to be awarded to the biggest catches.

What is unique about the derby is that it is a fishing event that the whole family, fishing buddies and couples can enjoy. You can fish anywhere on Lake Simcoe for up to fourteen days, from sun up until dark. Getting involved is simple – just purchase  14-day ticket and go fishing on Lake Simcoe, and make use of the ice, your personal shelters or  a commercially rented fish hut.

Even if you are not a fishing enthusiast (I’ve never fished in summer let alone winter!) not only are the village of ice huts on Lake Simcoe a site to see, but you also may catch a glimpse of a kiteboarder making use of the frozen surface. One of the best vantage points is from Willow Beach Conservation Area, where you can see a rainbow of different multi coloured huts.

A Village of Ice Huts on Lake Simcoe

For more great shots of the Ice Huts, visit photographer Tom Podolec’s flickr page – or see it for yourself this weekend!

For more information visit:



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